Graduating from UNC Chapel Hill in 1979 with a BA in Health and Physical Ed., I was ready to embrace the Health/PE world. I realized growing up that I loved playing sports which led me to this area for a university degree. I currently work in the healthcare field and I became credentialed as a certified professional coder in 2001 and I have been a coding supervisor for UNC Healthcare for the last 8 years.

I teach spin classes at Fitness World in Durham and it was here I met Lori Burgwyn who was teaching yoga. I decided to try Lori’s yoga classes and realized this practice challenges me in new ways. When I learned Lori was planning to open her own yoga studio, I was thrilled. Then I find out her studio is to be in the same building complex as my work. I have been practicing at Franklin Street Yoga Center since opening in 2007.

At first I attended yoga classes several times weekly, then participated in the 40-day challenge and hit another level, practicing 5-6 times weekly. In May 2012, I received my 200-hour power vinyasa flow from Lori at FSYC.

Now I enjoy the physical benefits of yoga, and even more honor the spiritual and emotional benefits of yoga. I teach yoga classes, sharing experiences with new and experienced yogis; and I love this. I never leave a yoga class without feeling better whether I am teaching the class or participating as a student. The benefits of yoga are remarkable from easing anxiety to developing better nutritional habits, and the list goes on. I continue to be inspired as a yoga practitioner and excited to share with others of all ages and levels because I realize reciprocal benefits are without limit.