I first found yoga as an undergraduate in college, exploring new ways to train and increase my mobility as a varsity athlete. Around this time, I was also introduced to meditation and mindfulness, and the combination of deliberate movement and intentional breathing immediately had me hooked.

After graduating, I began training martial arts in San Diego and continued to practice light asana and meditation as a means to gain further control of my body – a bad shoulder injury and a return trip home to Chapel Hill were all that needed to fall into place for me to deepen into the yogic path.

Lori invited me to participate in her teacher training in 2016 and exposed me to highly technical postures, ancient theory and philosophy, and new ways to practice mindfulness. She also challenged me to teach to students, forever encouraging and gently prodding me to get on my feet and share the practices that are now so important in my life.

I deeply value teaching vinyasa, pranayama, and meditation to students from all walks of life. When I’m not practicing or teaching yoga, I am probably working with folks in utility-scale solar Operations and Maintenance, mountain biking, hiking, or day dreaming about some far off place. Hope to see you on the mat!