Linda first came to yoga at a corporate gym in New York. She initially considered this a much-needed stretching class; but as time passed by, she marveled at the way her body and mind felt – stronger and clearer. Over the years, Linda’s yearning for the yoga flow led her to seek various styles, classes, and experiences.

She took her first class at Franklin Street Yoga Center on a chilly November morning in 2008, and was thrilled to have discovered such a warm, empowering, and down-to-earth space. She feels incredibly grateful for the support from Lori and FSYC while practicing power yoga and doing teacher training during her first pregnancy. Her son arrived on the last day of teacher training – a coincidental bridging of journeys!

Linda’s teaching and practice is grounded in authenticity, connection, and presence. What is discovered and felt in a yoga practice may not be utopian and perfect, but parallels and complements all of life’s experiences. And laughing always helps!

Linda, her husband Ben, and their three children live in Durham. In addition to being a student and a teacher of yoga, she is a scrum master, sports fanatic, and voracious foodie.