I started practicing yoga with Lori in 2008. I was going through a rough time and I’d heard yoga could help with stress. I started going thinking it was a form of exercise, but it turned out to be so much more. Through yoga I learned meditation and I learned to really listen to my body. As the rough patch I was going through got worse, my yoga practice was there for me. It didn’t just help me feel physically better. It also helped me uncover insights about myself and how I was living my life. My practice was always there like a best friend, supporting me, simply helping me observe without judgement, always there for me to pick up where I’d left off. I discovered that the challenge wasn’t just getting into all those amazing poses, the real challenge was discovering how I felt about myself and what I believed about myself while trying to do them. Once I’d see what my practice reflected back to me I could do something about it, if what I saw wasn’t serving me. The real strength, balance, grounding, peace, and love I was cultivating through yoga was internal through the external practice. Every life transforming shift I’ve experienced has been internal, not external, and my yoga practice has helped me get there each time.

I did teacher training with Lori at FSY in 2018, because I wanted to deepen my home practice. One of the gifts I got from teacher training was realizing how much I loved guiding others in their practice. If they can find in their practice what helps them, the way I found what helps me, then that is one of the most rewarding ways I can serve others. Whether all someone needs is movement, an hour to themselves, a place of refuge when life gets overwhelming, or whether they are on a profound journey of self discovery, I like bringing yoga to them the way it was brought for me.