I am originally from Western NY and moved to the Chapel Hill area in 2004. I am a personal trainer. I train at Fitness Together in Chapel Hill as well as have my own in home training business. I have always had a passion for health, exercise and the outdoors and decided to make my passion into a career in 2007. I am an avid runner and began running track and cross country as a teenager. That turned into marathons and eventually into ultra marathons of 100 miles or more. Long distance running to me is a form of meditation as you are alone a lot of the time with your thoughts and constantly with your breathe and the sound of your feet on the trail. Yoga has helped me stay healthy for the sport as well as having taught me how to ease my mind when the body wants to quit in a race. I started teaching boot camp class at Franklin Street Yoga in 2014 and have met so many wonderful people. Every day I enjoy helping others try to live a more active and healthy lifestyle and try to get them outdoors as much as possible.